Hilary Gough



Hilary's commitment to the community is evident in her work. We believe she is the right person to take Ward 2 into the future while not losing touch with the roots of the community.

Adrianna & Jason 
Westmount Residents
Teacher & Healthcare Advocate



Hilary's engagement and connection with the community was evident long before the election began. We share a love of local food and the belief that everyone has the right to food security. I live in Ward 2 and look forward to seeing it blossom with Hilary at the helm.

Jennifer Schrenk
Ward 2 resident
Owner, Chef Jenni Cuisine




Ward 2 is evolving quickly and is ready for a change in leadership. We need someone on council who understands the diverse needs of those who live in Ward 2. I'm supporting Hilary because she has shown she genuinely cares about this Ward. Having lived in Riversdale with my partner for the last nine years I've seen the highs and lows of this Ward and where improvements can be made. Whether your issues are big or small, Hilary Gough is the best candidate to bring positive change to Ward 2!

Jon Aschenbrener 
Ward 2 Resident
Realtor & Saskatoon Pride Festival Board Member



I have spent most of the last 12 years working in Ward 2. It's a place that I'm passionate about and want to see a councillor that understands and wants to help the neighbourhood and it's people grow. Hilary is clearly that person. I spent about an hour with her. She did less talking than I did. Something that is remarkable for a politician. She clearly not only wants the ward's neighbourhoods to grow but it's citizen's too. She understands the issues of the community and is actually interested in learning more.

Please vote for change in Ward 2.

Keith Jorgenson
Core neighbourhood Educator



Riversdale is changing rapidly, and it's time for a councillor who understands the impacts of these changes, cares about all the residents, and how these changes affect them. We give Hilary our full support as City Council candidate for Ward 2.

Stephanie Norris & Dallas Kruszelnicki
Riversdale Business Owners & Residents