Hilary Gough

Thanks for joining the Ward 2 Virtual Town Hall meeting!

You can view a recording below. If you submitted a question and it wasn't answered, I'll be in touch via email.

Key Issues


A full spectrum of options for getting around safely and comfortably is key to a vibrant community. Priorities for a more accessible and connected Ward 2 include addressing unsafe crossing at major roads and investment in active and public transportation. Making these options more realistic will encourage a sustainable and healthy mode share balance.

Residents across Saskatoon deserve access to basic services: a grocery store, schools, healthcare services, and recreational facilities. While it is important to equip new communities with these services, the service gaps in core communities must also be addressed, keeping them sustainable and liveable for all residents.

Local businesses, residents and initiatives all thrive in cities where residents of one area can make their way to the next safely, quickly, and conveniently. Major road crossings, shared paths, convenient bus routes, and other appropriate infrastructure help to make this possible. These connections encourage collaboration and help to bridge our communities.


The role of any city is to represent the best interest of all of its residents. The City of Saskatoon has taken many steps to more effectively engage citizens and these efforts should be increased. As a candidate, I look forward to hearing from residents across Ward 2 about their ideas, concerns and vision for the community.

Strong and inclusive communities are built within the spaces and opportunities that neighbourhoods can provide. Residents - through community associations, and more, are well suited to guide the city in how to best support neighbourhoods to foster community by supporting neighbourhood development, projects and events.

The City of Saskatoon supports many opportunities for citizens to get involved and show their pride through community cleanups, ambassador programs, art projects, and more. I will work together with residents and community associations to identify further opportunities to increase the comfort and safety in our neighbourhoods.


It’s important that Saskatoon gets the basics right. Core services and the communications around them must be reliable, efficient, and consistent. The City has taken many steps in the last few years to improve these services, and sights should be set on longer-lasting fixes, for greater efficiency and service. 

Saskatoon and Ward 2 are growing and changing. It’s critical in times of growth while new seeds are being sown, that established communities aren’t uprooted. Investment in the core of the city is an investment in stability, sustainability, and the diversity that keeps Saskatoon strong. 

This campaign stems from my commitment to the communities that make up Ward 2 and my investment in a happy and healthy future for all people who call Saskatoon home. I will be present and responsive, but also proactive and forward-thinking. I want to be part of continuing to build this community so that Saskatoon is the place we want to call home now, and in 30 years.