Hilary Gough

It's time for a fresh vision & energetic leadership in Ward 2

My vision for Saskatoon is that everyone, regardless of the neighbourhood they live in, can honestly say, ‘we have what we need here’.

Ward 2 is changing and growing. Leadership is about bringing together our diverse voices to determine the best way forward.

As Ward 2 City Councillor I will establish and engage a committee of Ward residents with a variety of perspectives to address issues that cross neighbourhood boundaries such as service gaps and community safety.

Having heard from thousands of residents across all 8 neighbourhoods in Ward 2, I know that our community is diverse, but our priorities are clear. People want to see their city working for strong and healthy communities, safe and secure neighbourhoods, and strong and lasting investment in Ward 2. 


Healthy & Strong Community

It’s time to address the gaps in service that we’re facing in Ward 2. Strong communities allow everyone to access what they need.

Healthy Food

Our 8 neighbourhoods do not contain any supermarkets. Ward 2 residents need:

• A viable supermarket, and until that is in place:
• Supports for efforts that bring healthy and affordable food into the area.

Affordable Housing

Over the last 10 years, the percentage of Saskatoon residents living in unacceptable or unaffordable housing has grown. Ward 2 residents need:

• The city to prioritize the use of Affordable Housing reserve funds to address this gap in Ward 2 neighbourhoods
• Investment in high quality, affordable housing that allows residents to choose to stay and thrive in the area.


Safe & Secure Neighbourhoods

In a thriving neighbourhood, our children can walk safely to school, neighbours chat on front lawns, and businesses provide local jobs serving the area.

Opportunities for all

• Partnerships to support daytime programming & opportunities for youth • Support for not-for-profit organizations to serve those facing barriers in an integrated way
• Supportive environments for establishing and growing businesses to serve local needs and thrive

Maintaining our neighbourhoods

• More community cleanups and better lighting in residential areas and park
• Improved city planning and incentives for maintenance and/or development of empty lots
• Improved response and follow up regarding poorly maintained rental properties


Investment in Ward 2

Ward 2 is enjoyed by the city as a whole. Investment in our neighbourhoods is key so that Ward 2 residents and visitors alike can expect and rely on quality infrastructure. 

Improving infrastructure

• Proper road, laneway, sidewalk and park maintenance and improvements
• Efficient infrastructure maintenance that favours long-term solutions rather than band-aid fixes 

Improving transportation

• Reliable and affordable public transportation
• Safe and convenient active transportation options
• Partnerships that address train crossing delays and a realistic financial plan for crossing improvement
• Updated traffic reviews to address dangerous intersections and pedestrian crossings
• Improved sidewalks including curb letdowns at corners