Hilary Gough


When to vote


Election Day

Wednesday October 26th, 2016

8AM - 8PM

On election day, the only place you can vote is at your designated polling station.
Click here for the election day polling station map.

In advance

The advance polls are now closed

Who can vote? 

You can vote in City of Saskatoon municipal elections if, on the day of the election, you are:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • at least 18 years old;
  • a resident of the City of Saskatoon for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election; and
  • a resident of the Province of Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election.

Please note: members of the armed forces, and students, who are at least 18 years old and Canadian citizens are eligible to vote immediately upon becoming a resident of Saskatoon; They do not have to have lived in Saskatoon for 3 months, or in the province for 6 months. Students and armed forces members must still produce valid voting identification which includes at least one document with the voter's current address (see below for options).

What you’ll need

There are three basic options for valid voting identification; You must have with you one of these options: 

• A) Government issued photo ID with your current address (e.g. drivers licence)

• B) Two (2) pieces of mail or ID at least one with your current address

• C) A voter who can vouch that you live at your current address and can produce voting ID (A or B)

Please note: smart phones can now be used to show identification documentation such as bank statements, student accounts, etc.

For the City's full list (pdf) of eligible voter identification click here.
For the City's complete voter's guide head here: https://www.saskatoon.ca/city-hall/voting-elections/election-2016-voters-guide-1


Where to vote 

On election day, you must vote at the polling station in your neighbourhood. 


The Ward 2 polls on Election day - Wednesday October 26th are: 

Westmount: Poll 201   Westmount School 411 Avenue J North 

Caswell Hill: Poll 202   Caswell School 204-30th Street West 

Riversdale: Poll 203   Princess Alexandra School 210 Avenue H South 

Pleasant Hill: Poll 204   St. Mary's Wellness & Education Centre 327 Avenue N South 

Meadow Green: Poll 205   W. P. Bate School 2515-18th Street West 

Montgomery Place: Poll 206   St. Dominic School 3301 Dieppe Street 

Holiday Park: Poll 207   St. John School 1205 Avenue N South 

King George: Poll 208   King George School 721 Avenue K South