I hope that you had a nice long weekend with the beautiful spring weather we were treated to.

There are two major transportation files on Council's agenda this month. These files form part of Transit and Active Transportation strategies developed to move our transportation system toward one that provides safe and convenient options for everyone. Balancing transportation modes to equitably serve all can help to reduce traffic congestion and reduce environmental impacts. See below under city-wide updates to get a sense of the options in front of Council regarding the routing of future Bus Rapid Transit corridors and Bike Lanes in city center.

Ward 2 updates: 

- The spike in frozen water pipes has been confirmed as unusual, and at question period last month I received commitment that the administration will bring forward a report in May or June about it. The report is expected to outlining the issue and how we can prevent the unusually long wait times that a number of households faced without water this year. 

- The design for the West Central multi-use corridor is awaiting consideration from CP Rail and I hope to be able to take a look at the plans with you soon. Stay posted here and check in on social media (links at bottom) over the coming weeks in case of updates in the meantime.

- Wanting to anticipate the next steps of the water treatment plant enclosure project & associated transportation network changes? There's a full project page with all the details.

City wide policy updates: 

- Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): Council is being asked to select the routing for BRT corridors through Nutana and Downtown. This comes following considerable engagement and background work on the overall system and best configurations of an upgraded bus system. A full suite of options have been laid out, most notably 1st Avenue or 3rd Avenue through the downtown, and a variety of options relating to Broadway avenue or alternates in Nutana. There are some handy summary reports available and a link to the full council agenda with non-summary reports below. 

- Cycling Lanes: Council is being asked to select the routing for the Downtown Active Transportation (AT) network of cycling lanes. This comes following the adoption of the Active Transportation Plan in 2016 and a pilot project of temporary lanes. A full suite of options have been laid out, including establishing or not establishing a formal network and routing options of such a network. You'll find summary reports on the site and a link to the full council agenda below.

- Waste/Organics update: last month Council opted for a moderate phase-in of funding for the city-wide organics program with roll-out scheduled for 2023.

- Safe Consumption Site: It has been confirmed that the City has no formal role in the review or permitting of a safe consumption site. I continue to speak with residents about their hopes and concerns about a site and the proposed location. I believe that it's critical to be proactive in planning for any changes and impacts that can be anticipated if the application proceeds, and I am engaging directly with the relevant agencies and partners to be sure this happens especially in the area of community safety.

- You've likely noticed some traffic impacts as a result of work on the Sid Buckwold Bridge. Two way traffic will be maintained throughout the project, but lane restrictions will continue to cause delays. Full project information here.

Consultations/Workshops to participate in:

- None relevant at the moment, but feel free to check the 'Engage' page anytime at www.saskatoon.ca/engage

- Interested in engaging regularly? Consider joining our Citizen Advisory Panel
Members of the Citizen Advisory Panel are invited to participate in regular online surveys to provide input and ideas on improving City services.

Did you know...

- You can Report a Pothole online!
You know that pothole that's been bugging you? Indicate it on the map to be sure it doesn't get missed - photos welcome. This works for utility cuts as well. You can also report potholes/utility cuts by calling 306-975-2476

- It's spring!
Equipment is fully converted to summer maintenance and it is taking place in full force. The pre-sweep before neighbourhood sweeps has seen substantial progress and neighbourhood sweeping starts next week. The neighbourhood street sweeping schedule reflects rotating start times so that neighbourhoods are treated fairly and are not always early or late in the schedule. For full details on what to expect and how you can help, click here. As always with any roadways work, please watch for detours and proceed slowly around working crews.

- Today's the day to go paperless with Waste reminders.
The 2019 Waste collection calendar is online only. Check out the great digital tools available for reminders here and never miss a pickup again - just start by searching your address, and you'll be on on your way! 

- Household Hazardous Waste has moved!
Pickup days have been set for 2019 and are being held in a NEW location at the Civic Operations Center. Info about dates and what can be accepted here

- The Saskatoon Police Service has online reporting.
Check it out here, or download their mobile app to access a number of additional features such as bike registry and more.

Community Notes

There was a Community Safety meeting hosted late last month in Pleasant Hill for residents and surrounding neighbourhoods. I was glad to be able to support the community association in this work and am working to compile some updates about the topic of Community Safety and Wellbeing on my website here. The community association is also producing a report back to community.

Many Neighbourhood Community Associations (CA) are making plans for spring clean ups. Get in touch with your CA to find out how you can be involved - many hands make light work!

The City and partners submitted our final proposal to the Federal Government's Smart Cities Challenge. Learn more and check back next month for info about how to follow the announcement of winning Cities next month! 

City Council

City Council meets Monday (April 29th) at City Hall in City Council chambers. As always, Council meetings are open to the public. Brief highlights are outlined below. For full agenda, visit https://www.saskatoon.ca/city-hall/city-council-boards-committees/council/minutes-and-agendas

Regular Business Meeting  | 1:00 PM  
  - Downtown Active Transportation (cycling) network
  - BRT - Nutana Routing
  - BRT - Downtown routing
  - BRT configuration & network
  - Downtown event & entertainment district - next steps
  - Property tax & BID Levy bylaws
  - Code of ethical conduct - City Council 
  - Licence agreement - Globe BMX Inc
  - Grasswood Mixed use node - market study
  - Revisions to mobile food truck policy 
  - Corporate Risk Annual Report
  - SREDA - 2019 tax abatements
  - Climate Change projections & local impacts
  - Replacement for seasonal taxi plates
  - Civic Naming committee - Terms of reference update
  - Impound lot business model

Public Hearing Meeting  |  6:00 PM
  Land Use hearings:
  - Discretionary Use application or Rezoning - none in Ward 2
  - Concept plan amendment - Rosewood 
  - OPC amendment & Rezoning - SW Sector & Diefenbaker Management area (Ward 2)
  Bylaw amendments:
  - City administration & procedures bylaw amendments - purchasing policy alignment
  Proclamations & Flag Raisings

As always, if you'd like to speak to Council as a whole about something on the agenda, please get in touch with the Clerk's office or fill out the form at the link before 10 am the day of the meeting. https://www.saskatoon.ca/write-letter-councilcommittees

Hilary Gough


Saskatoon #yxe City Councillor - representing Ward 2. Settler on Treaty 6 territory & traditional homelands of the Métis. She/Her