I hope that 2019 is off to a good start for you and that there is much to look forward to this year. 
I'm excited at the possibilities that this year holds and look forward to hearing from you about where you feel City Council's attention should be directed.

Wild weather this weekend has got roadways crews out and travellers feeling cautious, but there've been a number of opportunities to think differently about Winter in our city this week. The WinterCity Shakeup conference brought attendees from across the global North to discuss winter planning and winter fun. Winter Bike to Work Day encouraged people to ride their bikes to work and provided warm up stations to support and celebrate. Winterruption gave endless reasons to leave our homes for great shows and more, and WinterShines is now off to a strong start with ice sculptures, activities, and even a soup cook-off! How are you embracing winter this year? Check out great options for outdoor fun at WinterShines here.

Finally, don't miss details below about a consultation on Jan 31st regarding the City's growth plan. 

Ward 2 updates: 

- Proposed discretionary use
The discretionary use application for a pre-school on 11th street west is in front of City Council on Monday. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback to myself and/or our administration.

City wide policy updates: 

- Civic Board/Committee involvement
There remain a few vacancies on civic boards and committees. Check out the postings here and consider getting involved! The deadline is February 1 and two brief letters of recommendation are required.

- Waste management 
Further discussion about waste management plans will be had on Monday. At present, direction from Council to the administration is to develop a city-wide organics program, that it will be funded on property taxes, and that the garbage program will move to once every two weeks funded as it is now. There is still a need to resolve the funding gap in the garbage program, and funding impacts of the organics program will be further refined and discussed. 

- Ridesharing/TNCs
Council passed a ridesharing bylaw late last year. I expressed reservations about the Province's decision to move away from a Class 4 driver's licence requirement and will continue to question whether the City can require some of its key features that promote safety, such as a medical exam. In addition, I will continue to push for a review and updating of the number of taxi licences in our city, ensuring that we are permitting a level playing field in the industry, or something close to it.

Consultations/Workshops to participate in:

- Come & Grow 2019 - come & go consultation Jan 31st 
This event is an opportunity to learn more about the City of Saskatoon's Plan for Growth and to have a say in helping create your future city. We'll be asking questions about growth along Saskatoon's major transportation corridors (22nd street and Idylwyld included!) the development of University Lands, and more! Thursday, January 31 from 3-8 pm at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 1838 College Drive.

- Interested in engaging regularly? Consider joining our Citizen Advisory Panel
Members of the Citizen Advisory Panel are invited to participate in regular online surveys to provide input and ideas on improving City services.

Did you know...

- Christmas Tree Composting
Is your tree still sitting out on the back deck, its disposal constantly delayed by more pressing tasks? Mine too! 
Here's your reminder that it's not too late to compost your tree through the City's program. Simply drop your tree by Jan 31st at one of the 6 drop off sites - for many in Ward 2 this will be the Meadowgreen recycling depot on 22nd + Witney Ave. Full details here.

- ConnectR
Reconciliation Saskatoon has launched ConnectR - an online tool designed to help residents choose their own path towards reconciliation. Visitors to the site are offered different paths to start their journey of reconciliation. Similar to Pinterest, the ConnectR website is highly visual and engaging with each path leading to a selection of relevant calls to action. Activities include: reading a particular book, learning about Indigenous protocols, visiting an Indigenous cultural site or going to a local workshop.

- Today's the day to go paperless with Waste reminders
The 2019 Waste collection calendar is online only. Check out the great digital tools available for reminders here and never miss a pickup again - just start by searching your address, and you'll be on on your way! 

- Household Hazardous Waste
Pickup days have been set for 2019 and are being held in a NEW location at the Civic Operations Center. Info about dates and what can be accepted here

Community Notes

- Congratulations to the Mayfair Lawn Bowling club on being awarded a grant from the Jack Adilman Fund for Amateur Sports Organizations. The club is a gem in the Caswell Hill neighbourhood and Ward 2 and the new sidewalk and accessibility improvements will be a great asset for our community! 

- I've heard concern from residents in a few neighbourhoods with proximity to rail lines following the derailment on the North end of the City this week. I will continue to follow up with leadership at the Saskatoon Fire Department and Emergency Measures Organization about the need to continue dialogue with community to support preparedness, and to ensure that appropriate prevention of similar incidents continues to be pursued and enforced. Thank you all for your patience as the site was cleared. 

City Council

City Council meets Monday (January 28th) at City Hall in City Council chambers. As always, Council meetings are open to the public. Brief highlights are outlined below. For full agenda, visit https://www.saskatoon.ca/city-hall/city-council-boards-committees/council/minutes-and-agendas

Regular Business Meeting  | 1:00 PM  
  - Discontinuation of Equity Building program - underuse
  - SUMA & FCM annual fees
  - Audit updates
  - Decorative Lighting changes
  - Seasonal taxi licences - extension
  - Intelligent Transportation Systems - strategic plan
  - 2018 reporting - council spending (travel, car)
  - Whistle cessation near Stonebridge
  - Civic appointments (boards, committees, etc)
  - Changes to local government elections act (province) - feedback on election dates
  - Curbside Waste and Organics programs - status update
  - Motion to change vote on city-wide organics
  - regulation of e-cigarettes/vaping

Public Hearing Meeting  |  6:00 PM
  Land Use hearings:
  - Discretionary use application - preschool 11th Street west
  - Rezoning & OCP Amendment - residential tower at Clarence ave and College drive
  - Rezoning - Brighton
  - Amendments to zoning agreements - Wilson's Greenhouse & Saskatoon Wildlife Federation 
  Proclamations & Flag Raisings
As always, if you'd like to speak to Council as a whole about something on the agenda, please get in touch with the Clerk's office or fill out the form at the link before 10 am the day of the meeting. https://www.saskatoon.ca/write-letter-councilcommittees


Hilary Gough


Saskatoon #yxe City Councillor - representing Ward 2. Settler on Treaty 6 territory & traditional homelands of the Métis. She/Her