I hope that you're enjoying this beautiful spring weather as much as I am and that you're staying well in this difficult time. Thank you for all you're doing to keep the curve flat in our community. As we all get outside more, here are some tips about how to physically distance outdoors.

Our monthly (virtual) Council meeting is on Monday and there are a few updates to municipal services to catch up on. Read on to learn about it all! 

Policy Files at Council this month:
There are quite a few files at Council this month that have piqued interest city-wide and a few that are particularly important for Ward 2. I'll list them here and invite you to be in touch if you have any feedback (as always, I'll make time to read all emails received before the meeting Monday but may not have a chance to respond before the meeting). You can also write to Council directly if you'd like your comments seen directly by all of Council.

- Residential Parking Permit program review & RPP pass cost issue - many of you weighed in on the review and a number of relatively small but practical adjustments are proposed. Some of Council has asked that full cost recovery on the program be explored, and additional information is in our package that says that cost recovery would increase the pass cost for residents by five to eight times the cost. I have heard clearly from residents in RPP areas that increasing the cost in this way is not welcome. Report at 9.4.2 and additional info about cost recovery at 10.3.1

- West Central Multi-Use Corridor - this project to develop a multi-use trail along the rail tracks from Ave C North to Ave X South has hit some major roadblocks outside of the City's control. Administration is seeking Council's approval (item 10.1.2) to take another run at it. 

- The Saskatoon Fire department has brought forward an update about their facilities strategic plan (item 8.1.2). There are some needed adjustments and investments in our area that I hope to see prioritized in the implementation updates coming soon.

- Transportation Response - COVID-19 - the administration is not recommending further changes to transportation infrastructure or operations in response to COVID-19 (item 8.4.2). I continue to hear calls for improved safety and opportunity to physical distance in high traffic multi-mode spaces such as the Meewasin trails, and I continue to work to figure out a way forward that mitigates or avoids gathering risks and is reasonably feasible to implement. 

- The traffic impact of the opening of the Chief Mistawasis Bridge is being reported on along with consideration of the adjacent roadway speeds - item 9.4.1

- The administration is proposing a strategy on the City's allocation of the Provincial MEEP Funding (item 10.5.1)

- The refreshed Bicycle Bylaw is now drafted following several information reports. Read the full drafted bylaw at item 11.2.1 Council will be asked to approve an enact this bylaw on Monday.

Civic services adjustments:
City Council and Civic administration have been making careful and difficult decisions about civic services to curb the spread of COVID-19, guarantee essential services, and support Saskatoon residents. A full updated listing of all civic services impacted/not can be found at saskatoon.ca/covid-19.

- Parking services adjustments: on Monday (May 25) public pay parking and other parking enforcement measures will be reinstated. This will include parking time limits and the Residential Parking Program (RPP). The primary reason for this decision was to facilitate parking turnover in business areas to allow space for business district visitors. Full details here. If you have an RPP or Disability pass, your expired pass will continue to be honoured until a renewal process is in place. Stay tuned. If you live in an RPP area but don't have a parking pass and would like to access one be in touch with Customer Service at [email protected] or 306-975-2400

-Physical Distancing Ambassadors: ambassadors have been deployed across the City to check on signage and barriers in parks, and engage with park users about the importance of physical distancing while outdoors. You can call the the customer service team to report missing signs : 306-975-2476 or email [email protected] 

- Participation in Council/Committee meetings: through the move to a virtual format the City has continued to hold, livestream and record Council and Committee meetings to support transparency and engagement in decision-making. In addition to writing in to add comments to the agenda, there is now the opportunity to participate verbally by a remote connection. 

- Property tax deadline: Notices have now been mailed, but the penalty-free deadline continues to be September 30th. This additional information was also included. 

Seasonal services notes:
-Street sweeping: the pre-sweep is underway and favourable weather has been helping. The neighbourhood sweep begins Monday. Can you see the schedule online

-Waste Collection: the waste collection schedule is now fully in summer mode. Please check the collection calendar which is now up to date after a tumultuous seasonal switchover.

Ward 2 updates & engagements:
Visit the engagement page to check on any ongoing online engagements.

-The refresh of the Official Community Plan will be presented at the Public Hearing meeting of City Council on Monday. This is a substantial piece of planning work that captures years of progress in planning policy and presents the collective long term vision for the City. You can find it here.

- Caswell Hill and Riversdale - I've had confirmation that water infrastructure replacements deferred from this season will be prioritized in 2021. I know that many residents are keen to see service lines replaced and while this season's deferrals present a small setback, the City remains committed to the comprehensive approach to replacements put in place in 2016. Residents whose properties are directly impacted by these projects and decisions are being contacted by administration. More details here.


Did you know?:
-We all have a role to play in the health of our City's most prized feature: the South Saskatchewan River. Take a read about stewardship and in particular, storm waster and sewers from the City and partner Meewasin Valley Authority.  

-The best way to avoid parking related high-touch surfaces is to use the WayToPark app. Find it on your smartphone app store and get registered today! 

City Council | May 25th 
City Council meets virtually on Monday. Brief highlights are outlined below. Click here to find the full agenda. City Hall is closed to the public at the moment. Correspondence on Council items can now be in writing or as a request to speak (accommodated virtually). Meetings will continue to be live streamed.

Regular Business Meeting  |  1:00 PM
  - Notification process for Development Applications - Community Consultation
  - Saskatoon Fire department - facilities strategic plan
  - Tourism Saskatoon - Annual Reporting
  - Business Development Incentive - Maven Water & Environment 
  - Natural Capital Asset Valuation - Pilot Project
  - Transportation Response - COVID-19 
  - Partnership for Growth - Annual Report
  - Council Policy on Corporate Asset Management 
  - Food Trucks next to Parks & on-street trailers
  - Chief Mistawasis Bridge - Traffic Impact
  - Residential Parking Program - review
  - West Central Multi-Use Corridor - Capital project barriers & next steps
  - Strategy on Provincial MEEP Funding Allocation
  - Bylaw - Bicycle Bylaw
  - Appointment of Election Disclosure Complaints Officer
  - Notice of Motion: Tree protection process

Public Hearing Meeting  |  6:00 PM
  Official Community Plan - bylaw proposal
 Discretionary Use & Rezoning applications:
  - none in Ward 2
 Amendment package - comprehensive zoning bylaw review 
 Proclamations and Flag Raisings

If you'd like to communicate to City Council as a whole about something on the agenda please get in touch with the Clerk's office or fill out the form before 10 am the day of the meeting. 

Need to talk to the City? 

You can now find all of the online services available on the City's site on one page here

Customer Service Centre (24hr line)
Roads, Water, Sewer and Sidewalks Emergency Service - Maintenance Requests Program Information

Safety & Property Maintenance: 
Report graffiti, unsafe structures, open excavations, smoke alarms, junked vehicles, long grass and weeds

Find a more complete list of citizen service phone numbers here
Hilary Gough


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