As we make our way through this third (second? fourth?) winter burst, I hope you're keeping well and enjoying the sunshine at least! 

City Council meets on Wednesday. I've outlined some highlights below. As always, there's a full list of both the regular business (daytime) and public hearing (evening) agendas at the bottom of this email. The first phase of decisions relating to the Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan is at this meeting so take a look below for details.

Meetings & Upcoming Decisions

City Council meets on Wednesday April 24th. The Regular Business meeting takes place in the day starting at 9:30am and the Public Hearing takes place in the evening beginning at 6:00pm. Highlights below.

Housing - Accessory Dwelling Units 
The first phase of proposed changes related to the Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan is being brought forward for City Council decision on Wednesday evening. It aims to ease the barriers to building accessory dwelling units (secondary suites and garage suites) to enable more of these to be constructed across the city as one solution to a growing housing shortage.
The main changes are:
- to allow garage or garden suites on properties with two-unit or semi-detached dwellings, and also on properties with one unit dwellings that have a basement suite. This essentially permits up to 3 dwellings through a variety of configurations; and 
- to remove the requirement to provide off-street parking for these units;

Full details on Housing Accelerator Action Plan can be found here. The decision item is item 6.1.10 and 6.1.11 on the public hearing agenda.

Wiggins & College - safety audit
A safety audit of this intersection has been completed. This intersection is the intersection that has the highest use by people riding bikes in the entire city and is a key entrance to the University campus and was the site of a tragic death last year. The report outlines a number of improvement options. One key improvement not recommended by our staff, but recommended by the consultants who conducted the study will be the main source of discussion. This would add a bike box to the intersection so that people on bikes could line up at red lights ahead of cars to ensure they're visible before traffic starts up. This would also require a less than ideal unprotected bike lane along the block leading up. Right turns on a red light would also be prohibited at this intersection. The full report is available in the daytime package at item 9.2.1.

Long Term Organics Processing
City administration recommends building a city-owned organics processing facility as the long-term plan for organics processing at a site south of the landfill. This would provide organics processing for the green cart program and a location for public drop-off to replace the West Compost Depot. The analysis shows this option would have the lowest long-term cost impact for residents and it offers all the same services for residents. I've been asking questions throughout this process about how we'll prevent and mitigate odour nuisance and will ask some follow up questions based on community conversations on Wednesday. The full report at item 9.1.1. outlines the analysis of technologies and options and asks CCouncil's direction.

To see all projects open for engagement visit www.saskatoon.ca/engage

11th Street West - 6 unit townhouse
The Planning and Development Department has received an application from Prairie 4 and Wallace Insights to rezone 1401 11th Street West within the Holiday Park neighbourhood. Further details can be found on the engage page here. Based on the amount of interest and feedback to date, a public information meeting is going to be held in May so check back to the engage page soon to find the details about the meeting.

Other Updates

Home Energy Loans
The City's Home Energy Loan program will reopen for applications with limited spaces on May 1st. 
Learn more about the program and application process here.

Construction - College - transit impacts
A large water main maintenance project on College Drive will restrict driving lanes between Cumberland and Clarence avenues until October. Slow-moving traffic is expected through the area at peak driving times, which may cause delays for Saskatoon Transit routes.

ePermitting application expansion
The City has expanded our ePermitting platform to include applications for property information disclosure reports, address change requests and encroachments agreement requests. Details here.

Spring Cleanups coming up! 
Many neighbourhood Community Associations are planning Spring Cleanups. Please consider connecting with your association to see when it is happening in your neighbourhood and to lend a hand. More hands makes for lighter work! 

City Council | April 24th (Wednesday)

City Council meets on Wednesday. Brief highlights are outlined below. Click here to find the full agenda. Correspondence on Council items can be made in writing or as a request to speak (accommodated by phone or in person). Meetings are live streamed.

Regular Business Meeting  |  9:30 AM
  - 2024 work plans - diversity committee, accessibility, public art and heritage committees
  - CN Industrial Drainage improvements - budget ajdustment
  - Elm Wood Disposal - next steps
  - Special events vending - process
  - Traffic bylaw amendments - taxi stands, parking holidays, etc.
  - Billboards on public rights of way
  - Golf courses cart project 
  - Pleasant Hill Village - project close out
  - Business incentive - application
  - SREDA annual report & incentives
  - 2024 Commercial Appeal Contingency
  - Ave P path - land acquisition
  - Appeal Board - Terms 
  - Appointments - various
  - Long Term Organics processing
  - Road Safety Audit - College & Wiggins
  - 2024 Property Tax Levy & BID levy - bylaws

  - Bylaw amendments
    - Capital Reserve Amendment Bylaw
    - Appeal Boards restructuring bylaws 
    - Vehicles for hire amendment bylaw

Public Hearing Meeting |  6:00 PM
  - Discretionary Use - residential care home - Bence
  - Preston Crossing Commercial area : Concept plan & zoning text amendments
  - Horner Cres - Evergreen Concept Plan, land use amendment, rezoning
  - Nightingale Terr - Kensington amendments, rezonings
  - Housing Accelerator Fund - Action Plan - OCP and Zoning bylaw text am
  - Proclamations & Flag Raisings


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