This month’s email won’t be a complete newsletter as I am out of office. So I am writing to ensure you have access to information about the meetings coming up next week. 

On Tuesday July 25th there will be a special budget meeting. This will be one of several over the summer. The agenda for that meeting can be found here. It will consist of reports related to 2024 and 2025 budget planning and the challenge we're facing (June reporting here) due to high inflation (reduced purchasing power on major basic budget lines such as roadways), revenues that haven't recovered post-covid (and no further covid support to backfill those), and plans to step our way into future growth pressures gradually.

It will include reporting on some potential areas for adjustment in the following business lines: Community Support; Fire Services; Arts, Culture and Event Venues; Taxation & General Revenue; Land Development; Environmental Health; Transportation;

Remaining business lines will be reported on in future special budget meetings.

I'm keen to hear about where you think we may be able to do less, and what we should be cautious not to impact as we make tough decisions. No final decisions will be made about budget or associated property tax rates until late November. I'm grateful to have the time we do to get this right together.

For more information on the schedule and process of budget meetings through the summer (including next week's meeting) and how to engage directly now or ahead of November decisions, visit:



Finally, City Council also meets on Wednesday July 26th at 9:30am. The agenda can be found here and the process for engaging directly with the meeting/City Council is here

I commit to reading all input received regarding the items on Special Budget and City Council agendas this month prior to the meetings. Thanks to all who have sent input to date.

Hilary Gough


Saskatoon #yxe City Councillor - representing Ward 2. Settler on Treaty 6 territory & traditional homelands of the Métis. She/Her