I hope March has treated you well and that you're looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up.

On Thursday, consider joining the City at our first Feast & Round Dance. This family-friendly event is free and open to anyone. There are volunteer opportunities too! 

As spring begins, its time to make plans for Spring and Summer activities. Program registration for the City's recreation programs is underway. Visit leisureonline.saskatoon.ca to learn about programs and get registered. And of course, spring also comes with potholes and puddles. Learn more about how you can help here.

City Council meets on Wednesday. There's lots on the agenda, and decision highlights are below along with a full list of both agendas at the bottom of this email. Finally, there's a rezoning application on 11th Street in Holiday Park/King George that may be of interest in the Engagement section below.

Meetings & Upcoming Decisions

City Council meets on Wednesday March 27th. The Regular Business meeting takes place in the day starting at 9:30am and the Public Hearing takes place in the evening beginning at 6:00pm. Highlights below.

Housing policy updates
Zoning changes - two phases
Two phases of zoning change proposals will be coming forward in alignment with the City's Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan. The first phase is being brought forward to the Municipal Planning Commission this month, and City Council in April and focuses on easing the restrictions for accessory dwelling units (secondary suites and garage suites) to enable more of these to be constructed across the city. Full details here. The second phase will come to Council in June and I'll share more here in the next two months.

Using City-owned Land
City Council is considering a report to direct administration to use some City-owned land parcels for housing development as part of the Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan. We're also considering whether these should be made available at discounted rates, and/or as long-term leases. 

Saskatoon Freeway
The Province has asked for the City's endorsement of the alignment for the second phase of the Saskatoon Freeway project. While there is lots of benefit to confirming the alignment from a land-use planning perspective, grave concerns still remain about the likely impacts to the NE and Small Swales - two sensitive areas of incredible environmental significance near the River. I've been hearing from many residents of Ward 2 expressing those concerns, as well as others who believe that the project does not reflect the way that transportation planning for the City should go. The report goes to City Council on Wednesday.

Enterprise Taxi Licenses
Some taxi licenses are expiring and City Council is being asked to select the appropriate type and number of licenses for part of the sector. Some priorities I'm working to juggle are improving the availability of accessible rides (taxi vans equipped for wheelchair users), and the provision of the types of licenses that meet the needs of taxi operators and other stakeholders best.

At Budget deliberations, City Council asked administration to report back on new billboard locations on City right-of-way land as an opportunity for revenue generation. That report will be discussed and decided on Wednesday. I did not support this at budget, and do not intend to support new billboard locations. Many rounds of reporting have been done on this question, and I remain convinced that the nuisance and traffic safety risks do not outweigh the potential revenue.

Year-end results - city budget
Some surpluses are being reported for the end of the 2023 year, which is great. These are a result of higher than expected Transit Revenue, which means more people are riding the bus (yay!), as well as less spending on snow in 2023 than we expected. The administration has recommended that these funds go into the stabilization reserve and the snow & ice reserve. These reserves are depleted after several challenging years, and need to be rebuilt. Committee supported this recommendation and Council will finalize this on Wednesday.

To see all projects open for engagement visit www.saskatoon.ca/engage

11th Street West - 6 unit townhouse
The Planning and Development Department has received an application from Prairie 4 and Wallace Insights to rezone 1401 11th Street West within the Holiday Park neighbourhood. Further details and information about how to submit feedback can be found on the engage page here. Comments should be submitted by April 18th. 

Community Updates

Living in Harmony Awards
Congratulations to all of the recipients of the Living in Harmony Awards which recognize outstanding achievements in contributing to community harmony through the elimination of racial discrimination. Your leadership strengthens our community. Thank you.


City Council | March 27th (Wednesday)

City Council meets on Wednesday. Brief highlights are outlined below. Click here to find the full agenda. Correspondence on Council items can be made in writing or as a request to speak (accommodated by phone or in person). Meetings are live streamed.

Regular Business Meeting  |  9:30 AM
  - SEAC work Plan
  - Energy Loan Program - next phase & annual report
  - Temporary Taxi Licence review
  - Friends of the Bowl - board
  - Lighthouse - partial tax abatement
  - Housing Accelerator Fund - budget adjustment & neighbourhood character
  - Board of Revision - annual report
  - AGM notices : Sask Place, TCUP Place, Art Gallery
  - Budget approvals - Business Improvement Districts
  - Reserve bylaw amendments
  - Preliminary year-end results
  - Municipal Review Commission - future path
  - Coat of Arms/Flag - registration
  - Bylaw amendments
    - Procedures & Committees
    - Elections
  - Appointments : Albert Community, Accessibility Advisory, Remai
  - Freeway alignment - city endorsement
  - Housing Accelerator Fund-  city-owned land use
  - Budget adjustment - Fire apparatus & stations
  - Acquisition of lands
  - Right of Way billboards
  - Bylaw amendments
    - Cannabis business licence
    - Private sewer & water service

Public Hearing Meeting |  6:00 PM
  - Discretionary Use - private school
  - Partnership for Growth - OCP Map amendment
  - Proclamations & Flag Raisings


Hilary Gough


Saskatoon #yxe City Councillor - representing Ward 2. Settler on Treaty 6 territory & traditional homelands of the Métis. She/Her