It's been a busy month as they tend to be in fall. With Council meeting Monday and budget deliberations coming up in a month, there's lots to update on.

I want to make sure you saw an exciting update from the Remai Modern -- admission to the gallery is now by donation! Due to generous support from the Frank and Ellen Remai foundation, they are able to offer this for the next 20 years and admission for youth under 18 continues to be free! 

And if you're planning out your Halloween treats for little visitors like I am, consider stopping by a Leisure Center this weekend to grab some coupons to hand out. If you prefer to get out of the house, Leisure Center visitors after 3:30pm on the 31st will be offered a discount. For those who use Harry Bailey, there aren't many chances to visit left before it closes for a major renovation, so get your visits in now! 

Circle Drive West
A final report and recommendation for the future reconfiguration of Circle Drive West will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation on Nov. 7. The agenda for that meeting will be released here next Wednesday. 
It will ultimately require approval by all of City Council.
I've shared a fair amount on my site and directly with many of you about this project (project page) and my intentions around next steps - specifically regarding access to Montgomery Place at 11th Street. It is possible that the City's Transportation department may recommend these very next steps relevant to Montgomery Place access in their report since they have also been hearing our concerns. If that is not included in the report recommendations, I have engaged members of the Transportation committee who are supportive of the calls you've made and will put forward those next steps at Committee. For anyone wishing to write to the Committee details are here.


Engagement opportunities

Montgomery Place Drainage Projects

Phase 1 of the Montgomery Place Drainage improvement program was constructed this year. There is a Public Information Session about phase 2 on November 1st from 7pm until 830pm at the St. David’s Trinity United Church Basement. As this year's work has proven, these projects are very disruptive and comprehensive. It's important that we hear what's working, what's not and that we know how we can ensure future phases are as successful as possible. 

Apply to serve on the Indigenous Technical Advisory Group (ITAG)
In support of the commitment to build respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples, the City of Saskatoon seeks Indigenous peoples with specialized knowledge to join the Indigenous Technical Advisory Group (ITAG). The mandate of the group is to provide First Nations & Métis worldviews to lead the City in our work to improve the quality of life for future generations.

Deadline to apply is Nov 7th, 2022.

Ward Boundary Review - upcoming engagement
Due to growth in the City, ward boundaries will need to be adjusted ahead of the next Municipal election. Ward 2 will be one of the wards that sees an boundary adjustment. Opportunity for engagement will be publicized once the process is underway by the independent Boundary Review Commission.

For other engagement opportunities visit

Updates and Decisions

Upcoming budget deliberations
City Council will debate the 2023 budget at the end of November (Starting Nov. 27th). We received a report last week outlining some of the pressures that have changed since it was initially approved as part of the two year budget process a year ago. It's likely that we'll need to adjust the property tax impact but all efforts are being made to find alternatives as well. I will also be looking to see a new level of support for the Affordable Housing program and planning work that is needed now more than ever. Council will consider suggestions from Committee earlier this month on how to address that at budget.
Here you'll find more on the budget as a whole and the process. Budget deliberations are a meeting of City Council so if you want to weigh in at that Council meeting directly, the process is here.

Council/Committee schedule changes
City Council is considering a change to meeting schedules to have Council and committee meetings take place primarily on Wednesdays with some on Tuesdays. This would allow for a publishing schedule that gives Councillors and the public more time to review agendas. Additionally, Council will consider whether to move Council meeting start times from 1pm to 9:30am to improve the likelihood of completing the agenda before the public hearing begins at 6pm.

Urban Forest - master plan
In 2021, City Council approved the Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) that examines the state of the urban forest and outlines the strategy to plan, grow, manage, and protect the trees and canopy.  An implementation plan of achieving the UFMP has been drafted and brought forward to city council. The plan has 18 action areas with 131 corresponding initiatives. Each action identifies who is accountable, the project lead, and the internal and community partners. Currently it is being recommended to City Council for approval of this implementation plan to achieve the goals of the UFMP by 2031.


Community Safety & Wellbeing

City Role in Housing
City Council has been receiving a series of reports on Housing to better understand the challenges in our community and the role of the City. We received a report this month outlining our funding approach and needs. Our funding has fallen behind and we have a chance to begin correcting that at this year's budget. Additionally, we are being asked to separately fund the development of our next housing strategy to be sure this work can be done alongside the usual program at a time when community demands for affordable housing work are high. Council will consider the recommendations of Committee on Monday, and decisions around funding will be made at Budget.

Community Updates

Community Associations
Do you enjoy community events? Affordable sports, culture and recreation programs for all ages and abilities? It might be time to check out your Community Association! Many Community Associations are having their Annual General Meetings this month and planning winter programming too. Attend an AGM or get in touch with your association to get involved!


City Council | October 31st

City Council meets in person on Monday with virtual attendance options as well. Brief highlights are outlined below. Click here to find the full agenda. Correspondence on Council items can be made in writing or as a request to speak (accommodated by phone). Meetings will continue to be live streamed.

Regular Business Meeting  |  1:00 PM
  - Process for Drinking Water Advisories
  - Urban Forest Strategy - Implementation Plan
  - Waste Reserves Structure & Organics Transition Funding
  - Impounding Bylaw amendments
  - Development Approval Coordination Strategy/Process Review
  - Animal Control/Dangerous Animal bylaw amendments
  - Funding for Attainable Housing Program/Housing Incentives
  - Third Avenue United Church - Heritage funding
  - Tees & Persse building - Heritage designation
  - Land acquisitions - UH SDA area & West Industrial Multi-use Corridor
  - Government funding - Federal funding for Harry Bailey and Albert Community Center - Green & Inclusive building upgrades
  - Policy amendments - Multi-Year Business Plan
  - Board of Police - two-year board terms
  - Destination Vehicular Wayfinding guidelines
  - McOrmond Drive - winter clearing - Multi-way Boulevard
  - Council/Committee Meeting schedule
  - Code of Conduct Report on event tickets
  -Bylaw amendments: Residential Parking Permit & Waste bylaws

Public Hearing Meeting |  6:00 PM
  - Discretionary Use - care home - 2214 Clarence Ave S
  - Rosewood - Application to Remove Holding Symbol
  - Proposed new Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth District North C Plan bylaw
  - The Business Improvement Districts Bylaw - new amalgamated bylaw
  - Proclamations & Flag Raisings

Hilary Gough


Saskatoon #yxe City Councillor - representing Ward 2. Settler on Treaty 6 territory & traditional homelands of the Métis. She/Her