Hilary Gough

Ward 2 Update - September 2020

I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  You won't be getting a newsletter from me next month due to rules relating to the civic election. You remain welcome to contact me at this email to ask questions or raise concerns relating to civic services.For news, you can keep posted on anything important through City's News and social media channels, and election information should be readily available online as well.  Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - August 2020

Hello!  I hope your weekend is off to a good start and that you're finding some time to recharge, whether this is a day off or workday. Council's Agendas for Monday are 383 and 654 pages respectively. I'll do my best to highlight what I can below, but as always, you can view the whole package here. Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - July 2020

Good evening, I'm finding it hard to draft a positive like I usually do here. This week has been extremely challenging for our community knowing that many residents made vulnerable by imperfect systems were being displaced. The evacuation of the City Center Suites provides relief knowing that our community members will no longer be living in the deplorable conditions there. It also brings a huge amount of uncertainty knowing that the systems in place to re-house people are varied, challenging and imperfect. Many agencies have come together to collaborate and I am so grateful to each individual who has worked to support our neighbours through this transition. I hope this results in greater stability and opportunity for each resident. I encourage you to support that outcome in the ways that you can. Two ways that come to mind are: donations to agencies involved in the rehousing and supports; and correspondence to provincial authorities encouraging use of their available social housing units and the support residents will need within them.  On to the updates. Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - June 2020

Good morning! I'm finding it hard to believe that it has been a month already since my last update. Time seems to be flying. This month has brought several opportunities to celebrate. It was an honour to participate in Wanuskewin's virtual Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations and in the Virtual Pride Parade. Celebrating culture and community are important. These annual events, along with global conversations around racism taking place this year, provide a reminder and opportunity to learn, unlearn, and find ways to move toward a more equitable and just community for everyone. Racism and gender-based discrimination are real. It takes all of us to build a reality where all kids grow up knowing that our community loves and values them equally, and all community members feel safe being who they are. I'll provide some links in the Community Notes section below with opportunities for learning. There's lots to update on, so let's jump in. Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - May 2020

I hope that you're enjoying this beautiful spring weather as much as I am and that you're staying well in this difficult time. Thank you for all you're doing to keep the curve flat in our community. As we all get outside more, here are some tips about how to physically distance outdoors. Our monthly (virtual) Council meeting is on Monday and there are a few updates to municipal services to catch up on. Read on to learn about it all!  Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - April 2020

Well, we can't get together, but a virtual gathering is the next best thing. I hope you'll join Mayor Clark and I on Thursday at 7pm for a virtual Ward 2 Town Hall meeting. There will be lots of time for Q&A and I look forward to connecting with you online. No accounts will be required. Head to hilaryyxe.com on Thursday for full details. Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - March 2020

With COVID-19 dominating the decisions and work of nearly every sector in our community right now, most of the updates below relate to that response. There is a City Council meeting on Monday, and that update is below, as usual. There is also an update about ongoing engagements, and those that have been postponed. The City of Saskatoon is working every day to do what we can to ensure that essential services are strong, and will be maintained throughout this pandemic. We're also working with our community to support an overall and appropriate response to this pandemic. The most up to date information from the City will continue to be posted to our Saskatoon.ca/COVID-19. Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - February 2020

It may feel like spring is a ways away, but project planning for summer is in full swing and some longer-term work is being studied as well. Read on for a snapshot of the work impacting Ward 2 the most directly. As always, a preview of the big items in front of Council for decision on Monday can be found under the 'City Council' section. Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - January 2020

Happy Friday, This month has been a whirlwind of activity. I'm feeling grateful that the weather is giving us a break following some serious cold and snow. Thank you to all the agencies helping to keep our community warm and to City crews responding so diligently to snowfall after snowfall to keep us moving. There's a lot on the agenda for City Council this month. Let's get right into the updates! Continue reading

Ward 2 Update - December 2019

Happy Holidays!  As the year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on 2019 - what was accomplished and what's yet to come. I hope you've had lots to celebrate in 2019 and that 2020 is looking good. Below I've included a few highlights from budget deliberations which should serve as a bit of a 'look forward'.   Continue reading